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Welcome to OpenCanyon.org. We are a motley bunch of different canyoneers who (mainly) want to provide up-to-date canyoning information in the German-speaking area. Of course, we can't do this alone, so we ask for your help.

Who is behind OpenCanyon.org

We are many, come from different corners, countries and communities, but at least one passion unites us ... canyoning. The Austrian Canyoning Association (ACA for short, see also https://www.canyoning.or.at) has thankfully agreed to take over the patronage of OpenCanyon. People who have been particularly involved can be found on the "OpenCanyon Team🌊🌊" page. A list of all users can be found here.

Log in and report inspections

You can log in at the top right and then enter canyon ascents. This is important so that subsequent ascenders know whether everything is OK or whether there are potential problems. Ideally, when you are at the car after the tour, click on Proximity at the top, then the canyon you have climbed should be visible and then on Ascent, New ascent.

Enter into dialog

We talk about almost every idea/innovation together on Slack. It is important to look at different perspectives in order to get something good in the end. You can find an insight into current topics at the bottom of this page (the latest messages in #general), the list of currently open bugs https://www.opencanyon.org/community/bugs 🐞🐞 and the list of currently open feature requests https://www.opencanyon.org/community/features 👍👎. You can easily join by using the link https://communityinviter.com/apps/canyoning/invite

Editing canyons

Currently, editing canyons is reserved for authors only. If you are known in the canyoning community and would like to actively participate here, please contact us or request your rights at https://www.opencanyon.org/user/request. It is also important to know that many of the users of ACA or Cwiki are already registered in the system, simply log in with the same e-mail address and off you go. You can edit canyons when you get an edit button in the canyon detail view.

Customize software

We currently use the following frameworks: Laravel, Tailwindcss, Livewire, Filament, Alpine and Openlayer. If you have already worked with one or the other and are interested in contributing, please contact us on Slack. If you want to participate but have little/no experience, you should start with some of the following topics. For video access, please ask in Slack.

Using data

Over the last few months, we have had many requests to use the Opencanyon data for other projects, apps etc. Basically, it should be said that the data (similar to other canyoning platforms) is under a CC license which does not support commercial purposes. (For details, see https://www.opencanyon.org/legal or details on CC-NC here Study on "Defining None Commercial" on page 54). If this can be complied with and we as the OpenCanyon team understand/can understand what the data is used for, it is possible for us to provide the majority of the data in daily updated form as a download and, if necessary, also offer APIs for smaller amounts of data (e.g. to create reports, web links, etc.).

Local canyoning community

The best ideas often don't come from a PC but from a beer after a canyon. It is therefore important to network with local canyoning communities, to exchange ideas, to educate, train and so on. Here is a (certainly not complete) list of some starting points...

Local clubs:


Last messages from Slack Channel #allgemein
Date Name Message
20.05.2024 10:04:25
Es gibt jetzt neu den Channel wo wir direkt Feedback aus App >= 1.0.11 bekommen. Wer da mitlesen möchte bitte Channel manuell hinzufügen.
20.05.2024 09:07:31
Wer übersetzt aktuell richtig (nicht deepl) in EN, FR, IT bzw. ES? Falls es da Übersetzer gibt, könnte man mal über die App-Translation gehen: Sind initial immer mit Deepl übersetzt, aber da ist immer eine Verbesserung möglich :wink:
19.05.2024 20:37:35
DB ist gerade down .. dauert etwas ... fixed.
19.05.2024 17:17:22
Daniel Sturm
Hey everyone, did you check out the new "Favorites" function already? Accessible via your profile you can now create public or private lists of canyon as well as adding a comment to every canoyon. An awesome feature! Thanks to .
19.05.2024 14:27:13
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