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Welcome to OpenCanyon.org. We are a motley bunch of different canyoneers who (mainly) want to provide up-to-date canyoning information to the public in the German-speaking area. Of course we can't do this alone and so we ask for your help.

Who is behind OpenCanyon.org

There are many of us, we come from different corners, countries and communities but at least one passion unites us ... canyoning. The Austrian Canyoning Association (ACA, see also https://www.canyoning.or.at) has kindly agreed to take over the patronage of OpenCanyon. Persons who have been particularly involved can be found on the page "OpenCanyon Team🌊🌊". A list of all users can be found here.

Register and report walk-throughs

You can log in at the top right and then report canyon walks. This is important so that subsequent users know if everything is OK or if there are potential problems. Ideally, when you are back at the car after the tour, click on Nearby, then you should see the canyon you have climbed, and then click on Climbs, New Climb.

Enter into dialogue

We talk about almost every idea/new idea together on Slack. It is important to look at different angles to get something good in the end. You can find an insight into what's currently hot on this page at the bottom (the latest messages in #general), the list of currently open bugshttps://www.opencanyon.org/community/bugs 🐞🐞 and the list of currently open feature request https://www.opencanyon.org/community/features 👍👎. One can easily join by using the link https://communityinviter.com/apps/canyoning/invite.

Editing Canyons

Currently, editing canyons is reserved for authors only. If you are known in the canyoning community and would like to actively contribute here, please contact us or request your rights at https://www.opencanyon.org/user/request. It is also important to know that many of the users from ACA or Cwiki are already in the system, just log in with the same eMail address and off you go. You can edit canyons when you get an edit button in the canyon detail view.

Customize Software

We currently use the following framneworks: Laravel, Tailwindcss, Livewire, Filament, Alpine and Openlayer. If you have already worked with one or the other and are interested in contributing, please contact us on Slack. If you want to participate but don't have any experience you can start with https://bootcamp.laravel.com/ or similar.

Local Canyoning Community

The best ideas often don't happen on the PC but over a beer after the canyon. Therefore it is important to network with one of the local canyoning communities, to exchange, educate, train etc. Here is a (certainly not exhaustive) list of some starting points....

Local clubs:


Last messages from Slack Channel #allgemein
Date Name Message
03.12.2023 11:53:10
Welche Regionen von Ropewiki () sollten wir aktuell als Canyon-Rohdaten importieren :
03.12.2023 03:54:09
(en) Hello! My name is Jeremy. I am a canyoneer in the United States. I and two other canyoneers who who program have been working on an offline canyon app. We wanted to call it OpenCanyon which led to me finding this organization. We may use a different name now instead. I am very impressed with your website. In the US we use RopeWiki but your website looks nicer. I have a couple questions: 1. Do you guys have an app? I looked on the iOS app store for 'OpenCanyon' but couldn't find anything. 2. Do you have plans to make OpenCanyon a more globally focused resource? it seems it is heavily focused on Southern Europe. (de) Hallo! Mein Name ist Jeremy. Ich bin ein Canyoneer in den Vereinigten Staaten. Ich und zwei andere Canyoning-Enthusiasten, die programmieren, haben an einer Offline-Canyon-App gearbeitet. Wir wollten es OpenCanyon nennen, was dazu führte, dass ich auf diese Organisation stieß. Möglicherweise verwenden wir jetzt stattdessen einen anderen Namen. Ich bin sehr beeindruckt von Ihrer Website. In den USA verwenden wir RopeWiki, aber Ihre Website sieht besser aus. Ich habe ein paar Fragen: 1. Habt ihr eine App? Ich habe im iOS App Store nach „OpenCanyon“ gesucht, konnte aber nichts finden. 2. Haben Sie Pläne, OpenCanyon zu einer globaler ausgerichteten Ressource zu machen? es scheint, dass es sich stark auf Südeuropa konzentriert.
27.11.2023 16:59:50
Wolfgang Streicher
Hinweis zu *Sercantadventures*-Seiten: Diese Topo-Seiten laden generell sehr langsam. Daher wird bei den entsprechenden Links meist vermerkt "kaputt". Wenn man nicht den gesamten Link abruft, sondern nur die "Info" unter Weglassen von Foto und Video, kommt man meist in zumutbarer Zeit zu einem Ergebnis. Wenn man also generell diese Links entsprechend umstellen könnte, wäre das von Vorteil. Sonst müsste das immer im Einzelfall erfolgen.
22.11.2023 13:09:31
*Version 0.7.8 ist live* Gratulation an für sein ersten Feature, der Darstellung von Nachrichtentexten für Besonderheiten im Frontend. Andere Änderungen wie immer unter
20.11.2023 20:39:50
*Descente Import* Ich habe soeben alle Descente Canyons (welche vernünftige Basisdaten hatten und nicht eh schon da sind) in Opencanyon importiert. Potentielle Duplikate sind in der CSV Datei im Anhang ausgeführt. Bitte bei der Bereinigung entsprechend abstimmen bzw. einfach hier drunter oder in Daten Bereinigung posten.
Canyon Database Version: v0.7.10, Changes: Changelog. Used framework versions: Laravel v10.28.0, Filament v3.0.82