Danger notice / Disclaimer


Walking in gorges (canyoning) involves non-obvious and potentially lethal dangers! In order to face them adequately, a thorough preparation of any walk is absolutely necessary. Reading the information available on this website is in no way sufficient for such a thorough preparation.

The available descriptions are based on personal experiences of different climbers and accordingly give a subjective impression of the conditions at a certain date in the past. The conditions can change significantly at any time due to, among other things, the weather (precipitation, snowmelt, ...) or possible events in alpine terrain (rockfalls, avalanches, ...). The described technical installations can also change radically due to natural events (floods, corrosion) or human intervention (vandalism, theft, ...).

Accordingly, neither the correct nor the complete description can be guaranteed by the site operators and creators of the information available here. Opencanyon.org disclaims any liability for damages of any nature!

Next steps

In order to become more familiar with canyoning step by step, it is advisable to first take a commercial provider for support and then to go to one of the many forms of canyoning advanced and further training. A fairly comprehensive look at the subject can be found in the opening chapters of https://www.amazon.de/Handbuch-Canyoning-Sicherheit-Technik-Ausr%C3%BCstung/dp/3840377161 (click on Look into the book).

Below are some initial contact addresses for this:

Local associations are also important here, see e.g: